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Welcome to the events thread. We will be sharing details of upcoming events through the UK on this thread. If you know of anything happening in your area please feel free to share on this page, we wouldn’t want anyone missing out.

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Action on Hearing Loss

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  • Hi,

    I'm an android developer and I recently published a new app for android useful for the deaf.

    It's nane is 'Deaf Help', and you can download and install it here:

    Deaf Help is divided into two parts:

    - Listen (Speech to Text): help the deaf to listen, the app listens and writes in real time what is recorded by the microphone, with the possibility to copy the recognized text or to delete it.

    - Speak (Text to Speech): the deaf here can write, using the keyboard, and pressing the 'SPEAK' button DeafHelp will speak for the deaf.

    The app is very simple and designed to help the deaf in everyday life.
    It supports over 20 languages!

    The app is under development, so it may have bugs.
    For questions and report write to:

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