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Welcome to the events thread. We will be sharing details of upcoming events through the UK on this thread. If you know of anything happening in your area please feel free to share on this page, we wouldn’t want anyone missing out.

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  • BSL Interpreted Event-   Part of WOW – Women of the World

    Consider the ideas that matter to women in an event led by Jude Kelly, founder of WOW – Women of the World.

    From the toughest realities many women and girls face every day, to the greatest triumphs, we present an afternoon of stories and performances designed to blow your mind and change your world view, featuring some of the best speakers, performers, activists and thinkers in the field.

    Since 2011, thousands of people have come to WOW – Women of the World festival across six continents. Sixty festivals, millions of conversations and loads of change later, here is what women from Cardiff to Karachi, Bradford to Baltimore and Australia to the Americas care about most.

    We look at violence, money, motherhood, and what it means to live your life with a double whammy of sexism and racism, disability, or homophobia.

    There are stories about friendship, love, pain, anger, joy and grief, and confusion about fitting into a world that is changing very quickly in its politics, technology and cultural norms.

    WOW – Women of the World festival is a global movement founded by Jude Kelly at Southbank Centre in 2010, celebrating women and girls and looking at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential.


    8th March 2019
    2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    To book tickets  email or Ticket Office on 020 3879 9555. When booking please let them know you need to be able to see the interpreter – some tickets have been allocated for Deaf BSL users.

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