Lipreading Classes and Information

Where can I learn to lipread?

What is lipreading?

Lipreading is a vital communication skill if you are deaf or have hearing loss. It could help you avoid social isolation and live your life to the full. Most hearing loss experts recommend that people of all ages, with any degree of hearing loss, learn to lipread.

Although you cannot learn to lipread everything, classes will give you the tools and awareness to develop your skills. They will improve your confidence and are a great way to do something positive and practical about your hearing loss.

To find a local class, visit or contact our helpline.

If there isn’t a class in your area, ask your local adult education centre or college to provide one. If there is enough demand they may consider it?

Please see our leaflet about learning to lipread- 'Learning to Lipread'

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  • Dear all,

    I’m a geography student from Durham University and I’m currently conducting research for my dissertation into how people with disabilities cope with living in urban spaces.

    I was wondering whether you could share the link to my online anonymous questionnaire (on accessibility and public space in London):

    It would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Alexandra Bamford
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