Dating and deaf

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to know how you all manage in the dating field with your hearing loss? Do you find it nerve wrecking? Just wondered.....
  • Yep :-(
    But dating's nerve racking for anyone I think to start with.

    I'm HI , steep ski slope losses, 2kHtz and over both ears 90db down.
    (Maybe AOHL should allow profile to 'show' degree / type hearing loss - it might help readers to asses if the post is relevant to them)

    But - Both long term partners I've met - I met in quieter places - by chance.
    So we got chatting and ... :-)
    So it can and does all happen.

    A thought - with the net now - at least there's the opportunity to 'peruse' / search the field abit heh without suffering the Pubs / Clubs
    Look / Try maybe - I think they have chemistry / interest matching - free :-). You can IM chat then move on to Video chat maybe. All in a quiet environment :-)

    I have in the past tried online Deaf singles sites - just not that many people on them.
    I don't sign so that rules out BSL users.
    And few numbers normally means those members are miles apart - altho - the net can help with that I guess - skype and all that.

    So assuming hearing in noisy places is hard - I would try to meet people in quieter situations - walks / outdoors / a quieter club / meeting / Museums / Art Galleries / Art class / on the net ... not the pub / cafe - unless it was quiet and empty (Why is the cafe empty !!! ??? - health and safety issues ? You mean that mouth watering Chocolate cake put 10 people in Hospital !??)

    I think most 'hearing' meet people (m8s or prospective partners) in groups / pubs / parties and what not - so personally I think hearing have far more opportunity to work out who and what they like in a potential partner.
    A numbers game - meet more people - more chance of success.

    I guess it varies on your hearing loss - for me - one on one chat is normally ok in a quiet place - I'd lip read to cover gaps or 'hide' it someway.
    Groups / pubs and clubs I avoid - Totally. Invite me to pub or party - I'll refuse - well make excuses not to go.
    If I'm driving - I've had it - I can't hear a word from any passengers - I'll have to either own up - or go into boring single sided lecture mode - which is also strange (does he like the sound of his own voice that much ! Am I allowed to get a word in edgeways ?).

    Both LTR I've met have had normal hearing - that's been useful - they can hear worrying engine noises before the engine explodes , hissing of in progress car punctures, sound of overflowing baths, high pitched piezo alarms , the oven 'bell' warning of imminent burnt offerings and just 'that sounds wrong' !
    Also understand all those incomprehensible train / airport and all the rest 'annoucements'.
    All of which takes ALOT of stress off me :-)

    I am sometimes useful - in foreign countries and languages - I get pushed to the fore - I can't understand a word - but I do read 'body' language and stuff I guess - so I can normally work out what the problem is.
    I do have minor uses !

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