A better hearing aid?

I have an NHS digital hearing aid but quite frankly when I'm at lunch with a group of friends its a waste of space and I'm better off taking it out and cupping my hand to my ear. Is there anything on the market that could be better?
  • Apart from echoing all the good advice so far, just a nudge to say that it's probably worth getting a re-assesment as I should think that aid is over 3 years old now and may need adjusting / replacing. Get in touch with your audiology department.
  • As a recent bi cross user I can recommend them. It didn't take me long to get used to it at all.
    The benefits when out with friends are enormous.
    The aid in the dead ear is programmed quietly at first until you get used to it.
    Good luck and keep persevering.
  • Ok. So you are in the minority - and so the solution should be non-standard too. In particular, you should be considered for a BI-CROS hearing aid fitting. They take quite a bit of getting used to and a good deal of effort, but for those who persevere and can learn the listening skills required, they can make the world of difference. If your NHS audiology team haven't offered you a BI-CROS option, you need to find out why not.

  • The reason that I only have one hearing aid is that my hearing loss is due to damage caused by gun fire and my other ear is practically dead.
  • It would be highly unusual if you have just one ear that requires aiding. Most people with hearing loss have bilateral loss, and there is much evidence to suggest that a bilateral fitting of hearing aids will deliver significant benefit to the user. Even two very basic hearing aids are likely to be better than a single top-of-range hearing aid. Given that your NHS hearing aid is likely to be middle-range, a bilateral fitting will probably be nothing less than transformational. When you do go back to Audiology Dept, ask the Clinical Scientist to justify why you were only fitted with one aid.