Pregnancy and otosclerosis

Hi there - I am a 34 year old woman with otosclerosis in both ears - and I am trying to decide if I am brave enough to have a baby, knowing the condition is likely to worsen. At the moment my ears aren't that bad, I don't know my percentage of loss but I don't have hearing aids. Unfortunately my condition is bilateral - and unfortunately my ENT specialist thinks it's started to effect my cochlear too - meaning a stapedectomy might not be an option. So what do I do!?
I would love to hear from any women with the condition who have had children and what happened to their hearing?
Does anyone know might pregnancy make the condition in just my middle ear worse - or will it make the middle ear and cochlear worse at the same rate? (hope that makes sense)
I wonder if there is a specific test or scan I can request to know for sure if my cochlear has been affected?
If I knew the percentage of my hearing loss now - perhaps I could guess my worst case scenario if I did get pregnant?

Any thoughts / stories or info greatly received.

Many thanks
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  • Hi Sarah,

    I know this post is now from over 4 years ago but I found it whilst googling.

    I also have the condition in both ears and my specialist says it's effecting my cochlear too (based on CT scan images). I'm turning 25 this year and have been wearing aids since 2015. 

    I'm thinking about the future as I do want to have a child one day. I'm worried about the risk of my ears becoming worse during pregnancy and whether it may be best to consider other options such as surrogacy etc. 

    I'm curious to know how you got on after posting this and would love to hear from you and any other women who can relate. 


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