"Your Disability Living Allowance is ending."

I've just received a letter from the DWP with the heading 'Your Disability Living Allowance is ending.'

It says that if I want to claim PIP, I'll either have to telephone them or use a text phone number, before the deadline.

However, I've not had a text phone for a long time because it was very unreliable, I prefer to use e-mail.
So how do I claim?

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  • Thanks for the update, Andy, glad that you got some award.

    I checked my own papers after reading your post and to my surprise I also scored no points for 'engaging with people.' I wonder what's going on there and what's the reasoning for it.

    What really makes me fed up is I have been through all this grief in order to remain exactly as I was before! Just like Alice in Wonderland.

    Me too.They keep moving the goalposts after disabled people have qualified, because they want to create excuses to take money away from those disabled people.
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