"Your Disability Living Allowance is ending."

I've just received a letter from the DWP with the heading 'Your Disability Living Allowance is ending.'

It says that if I want to claim PIP, I'll either have to telephone them or use a text phone number, before the deadline.

However, I've not had a text phone for a long time because it was very unreliable, I prefer to use e-mail.
So how do I claim?

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  • Firstly, the DWP are not processing the applications properly. The DWP are a Government department and are paid to do what they are told. At the moment they are rejecting all but the most obvious disabilities who are applying for PIP. It's not just deaf people but all disabled people who are being totally disrespected by having their application turned down for sometimes farcical reasons.
    In my own case I have no hearing at all. To any sensible person that might indicate that I ought to get PIP straight away, because after all you cannot be deafer than deaf! But no, I have been forced to go the whole journey to a Tribunal at goodness knows what cost to the country to prove that I am as entitled to benefit as I was this time last year! These Tribunals are not cheap, judges and doctors earn considerable sums for sitting on these panels and there is a backlog going back months. Nice little earner for the fortunate few.

    Secondly it is very hard to get help with this because there are so few advisers who are experienced in doing these applications for deaf people. In the larger cities there are law centres, the CAB, deaf societies, welfare rights officers and others. The problem being that they are only available if you happen to live within travelling distance. So coverage is patchy and hard to find. The fact is, like DLA if you don't know how to word the application you won't get it.

    What you are attempting to do here is to describe your disability/ ies in such a way that you can prove that you cannot live your live "Safely, repeatably, to a good standard in a timely manner". You have to describe how it affects you and what effect it has on your life, as compared to a non disabled person. This takes a bit of working out. If you haven't done it before it is very hard to know what to put and the DWP are just adding to the confusion by turning people down randomly.
    So a lot of people are getting the idea that they haven't done it correctly when in fact they have!

    One way and another the PIP application process is about as user-friendly as the electric chair. This in my opinion is wrong and the Government should be ashamed of itself by behaving in this underhand manner. Benefit applications should be open and transparent in their process and this one is not.
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