"Your Disability Living Allowance is ending."

I've just received a letter from the DWP with the heading 'Your Disability Living Allowance is ending.'

It says that if I want to claim PIP, I'll either have to telephone them or use a text phone number, before the deadline.

However, I've not had a text phone for a long time because it was very unreliable, I prefer to use e-mail.
So how do I claim?

  • The Government is currently under fire for the poor way in which PIP has been administered. I have just had details of a web page where people can describe the problems they had with poor PIP assessment procedure. As we've mentioned in this thread before, some people have been treated unfairly. Now's your chance to have a say in what happens next.

    Please pass this link around, it's a great chance to get something done, at last.


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