"Your Disability Living Allowance is ending."

I've just received a letter from the DWP with the heading 'Your Disability Living Allowance is ending.'

It says that if I want to claim PIP, I'll either have to telephone them or use a text phone number, before the deadline.

However, I've not had a text phone for a long time because it was very unreliable, I prefer to use e-mail.
So how do I claim?

  • The very latest on PIP is that there may be some changes to the law. This is because there have been new adjudications this year and that has included more people than previously. For example the infamous Descriptor 9 "Needs help in engaging with people."

    Of course this applies to deaf people, that's what being deaf is all about but in spite of that most people get turned down on this one. That might change now that there is more case law available. I can only suggest you find a friendly Legal Eagle to check your case.

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