Sound distortion in one ear


This is my first time posting and I was hoping someone has/had the same experience and also possibly knowledge on the matter.

Last week I noticed that normal conversation started to sound very robotic like. A good comparison would be as if someone were talking to me through a fan. High pitch sounds had a whistle effect. I experienced vertigo after a few days of this and went to the doctor. She had me take an auditory exam, but I had to wait it out the weekend.

Those two days were really bad for me. It seemed the distortion was getting worse and I was wondering if I was experiencing tinnitus or hearing loss. Then Monday came... and my hearing was back to normal, although I still felt pressure in my "bad" ear. I took the auditory exam and did quite well according to the doctor. I am not experiencing hearing loss. The next day, my hearing was also quite normal.

Now today.. I am starting to hear distortion again and quite a lot of it. I am wondering if anyone else has this problem? Is this common and is this something I'll have to deal with the rest of my life? I know it's really too early to tell, but the doctor could not refer me to a specialist since my hearing is perfectly normal.

Thank you very much. Being able to write this has been able to soothe myself mentally. For the time being I have a self imposed ban on ear buds, q-tips and clubs. Hoping this isn't permanent...
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  • Hi Kevin,

    I hope you are better today. But could you please let me know the outcome of your situation? If I had to write myself what I've been through the past week I could simply copy and paste your post. If you could send me a PM or write down here would be great. Thank you!

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