Headphones for single sided hearing loss

Just over a year ago I lost all hearing in my left ear after a stapedectomy operation (I have otosclerosis). Having an ongoing struggle with the practicalities of living with SSHL my main everyday sadness is not being able to enjoy music like I used to.

I have 42 years of musical memories so I know how songs should sound in proper stereo. For a long time I have simply stopped listening to music because it sounds so 'wrong' and just makes me frustrated, angry and fed up. However, we live in a world where it is impossible to avoid hearing music, so I can't just live my life and pretend it just doesn't exist. Even if I don't hear music playing somewhere it's always being talked about by others as it's such a massive part of human culture and enjoyment. When David Bowie died I got really miserable and jealous of all the conversations people were having about his music; I couldn't help feeling sorry for myself knowing I wasn't normal anymore. Even if I simply see an advert on TV about music it puts me in a miserable mood. I just want the feeling of enjoying getting 'lost in music' without having the regret and sadness of going for operation that had the 'nightmare scenario' outcome.

I'm trying to find a way to hear music 'better' and figure the best way would be to get a headphone set that can convert the stereo sound to play through one earpiece. That way I figure I will at least hear the complete song (even if it is still just through one ear).

Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations on where to buy a decent bit of kit? I've searched online but, as you'd expect, the headphones on sale are all for normal, two eared hearing people! :(

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