Headphones for single sided hearing loss

Just over a year ago I lost all hearing in my left ear after a stapedectomy operation (I have otosclerosis). Having an ongoing struggle with the practicalities of living with SSHL my main everyday sadness is not being able to enjoy music like I used to.

I have 42 years of musical memories so I know how songs should sound in proper stereo. For a long time I have simply stopped listening to music because it sounds so 'wrong' and just makes me frustrated, angry and fed up. However, we live in a world where it is impossible to avoid hearing music, so I can't just live my life and pretend it just doesn't exist. Even if I don't hear music playing somewhere it's always being talked about by others as it's such a massive part of human culture and enjoyment. When David Bowie died I got really miserable and jealous of all the conversations people were having about his music; I couldn't help feeling sorry for myself knowing I wasn't normal anymore. Even if I simply see an advert on TV about music it puts me in a miserable mood. I just want the feeling of enjoying getting 'lost in music' without having the regret and sadness of going for operation that had the 'nightmare scenario' outcome.

I'm trying to find a way to hear music 'better' and figure the best way would be to get a headphone set that can convert the stereo sound to play through one earpiece. That way I figure I will at least hear the complete song (even if it is still just through one ear).

Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations on where to buy a decent bit of kit? I've searched online but, as you'd expect, the headphones on sale are all for normal, two eared hearing people! :(

  • Rachel,

    both these look good. I didn't think to look on the AOHL shop. Quite pricey but I expect they are very good quality. Think I will add this to my Christmas list!

  • I have the same issue. I've had it all my life and found that the more in your headphones go in. The better or turn off your aid and then you can hear the sounds. Those are the techniques I have been doing but if anyone has any better please do share! I would love to hear them too xxx
  • I found this topic from Newbie interesting. I have similar problems I used to play various musical instruments and enjoyed listening to music and performing. Not any more I am 73 and can only hear partially in one ear also music has gone out of tune'

    I was unsuitable for a bone anchored hearing aid and have been looking for a suitable alternative. I quite like the idea of the headphone suggestion using cl7400 etc! BUT here is my question! Will I still be able to have a conversation while using them or will i be incommunicado

  • Hi Amberside,

    Have you considering trying out a headphone system like the CL7400 or HS1300 ?

    Both headphones have a mono setting so that you can adjust the headphones to hear the sound through only one only. They also have volume and tone adjustments which may help with the sounds that you hear.

    To discuss these products further, you may wish to contact our Customer Service Team who can offer you full support in choosing the right product for you.

    Telephone: 0333 0144525
    Text phone: 0333 0144530
    Fax: 0333 2405657

    Email: solutions.team@hearingloss.org.uk

    Please note we offer a 28 day money back guarantee, therefore if for any reason it is not suitable you can have an exchange or refund.

    I hope this helps

    All the best

  • Maybe bone conduction headphones would work for you, since you have a conductive hearing loss?