i passed a hearing test but can't hear

hi everyone,
i'm seventeen years old and recently I've started to notice that my hearing isn't as good as other people my age/older (its worse than my 70 year old grandads). It took me about five months to get an appointment with audiology where i did the bleep tone test and was told that my hearing was within the normal range for an adult (i am in the process of getting the results on paper because my GP surgery hasn't received them yet (its been over a month)).
I dont really know what to do, i don't understand how my hearing could be considered good if its the same/worse as someone who is older than me? it seemed to me like my audiologist didnt care at all and its really grating on me - i feel like a fraud saying to people that i have bad hearing because from an audiologists point of view i don't.
any advice?
  • Vicky (Information Officer) said:

    Hi LilyAva1,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. My name is Vicky and I work for the Information Line here at Action on Hearing Loss.

    We would encourage you to ask for a second opinion or ask to be referred to ENT and ensure you inform them of all the difficulties you are having. In addition to this, the BAA guidance document for audiologists suggests they refer onward to seek medical opinion if an individual presents with ‘normal peripheral hearing, but with altered auditory perceptions or abnormal difficulty hearing in noisy backgrounds, which may include having problems with sound localisation, the perception of pitch and loudness or difficulty following complex auditory directions’. There are other tests, such as speech perception tests, which will give the clinician more information on your ability to hear.

    Kind regards


    Thankyou for replying, I'm going back to my GP soon and I'm going to ask to be referred to a different hospital and will request more tests,
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