Forum Still Broken

I have given up trying to follow the forum changes post as the reply’s  are randomly  scrambled and do not make sense.

As far as me viewing the forum all the problems highlighted have still not been resolved., I do not know if this is the same for everyone else or whether it is just confined to me using IPad Air 2 on safari with iOS updated 11.0.1

The floating search bar is still there

The text does not expand in the reply box.

Posts are still blocked out by search box.

The text on assending, descending , more box, All recent discussions, By date box etc are all still greyed out and extremely difficult to read.

If I touch the screen above search box it takes you away from forum to home page.

Between the floating search box and my on screen keypads it only leave an inch letterbox area to view and type. Therfore I have to keep switching off keypad to view what’s I have written. Hence lots of typos. It take to long to keep going backwards and forward to correct.

The post keep coming up in scrambled order. On other forums if you reply to a post out of order it is slightly stepped inwards to differentiate a reply to a specific post. This does not happen on this forum hence confusion.

Has anyone else still got these problems.?????  I notice the forum is almost dead lately and I’m not surprised !!!!!!

  • Hello Tiptop. Your list of problems are similar to mine Ihave never seen the floating search bar,mine is static though haven't ever tried a search on it !

       I just wonder if this Webteam responsible ever look at this new thing they have created and read the problems ?

       I had a look at the other 2forums and they seem to be static but there are no threads running about problems as we have

     For instance your new thread((. 37 + views in the past 7 hours) should be first on the thread list but it's about fourth the last I looked

     I agree it's too much of a hassle jumping between the keyboard and viewing what you have typed

       I repeat again my android tablet a Lenovo browser ithink is mainly Chrome/ Google with options of others

       What is full editor mean beside the reply button I will now click on ?

  • Hi fiona

    this is a screen shot of the floating search bar, obviously it must be a device problem if your not getting it, don’t know how they can resolve this, however I did not have any of these problems with the last forum. !