Hearing aids for profound deafness

I am new to the forum but have subscribed to AOHL for many years. My deafness is otosclerosis and is profound in my right and a little better in my left as I had a stapedectomy in that ear in 1971 and it is still giving me some benefit. I have been ruled out as a recipient of a cochlear implant.

I have used a private audiologist for 20 years or so as NHS aids were somewhat inadequate and I now use Resound En998 which I understand are some of the most powerful available. They work well on a one to one basis in quiet surroundings but I hear very little when there is background noise. I cannot participate in any group activity or hear briefings, announcements, lectures or listen to music. These are normal problems and I accept them. I use lots of equipment for the deaf, phone, alarms, clocks, Comfort Contego (wonderful personal loop system) and powerful head phones.

The notification of the forthcoming AGM with personal details of the candidates has led me to question whether I have the best aids available and  whether I could do more within the community than I am  doing now. I ask  these questions because at least 6 of the prospective candidates have profound hearing loss and yet they appear to be actively participating in group discussions and leading very busy lives. How are they achieving this with profound hearing loss? 

If any members out there have any ideas of what more I could do to reach the level of communication abilities that the candidates have I should be pleased to hear from them.

thank you