Hearing loss isolates Kent woman; learning sign language opens connections

Since she was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and lost her hearing, Pam Wren has been isolated from the world.

“I was a young 65 until Meniere’s disease hit my life,” Wren said. “When I realized I would be completely deaf, I was devastated.”

Wren, a devout monk who used to teach at Kent State University, can’t do things she used to love such as watching a movie, listening to music and teaching karate. She wears a button that says “CAN’T HEAR YOU” and carries paper with her, asking people to write down what they’re saying. Eventually, she stopped going out.

For full article: http://www.record-courier.com/news/20180119/hearing-loss-isolates-kent-woman-learning-sign-language-opens-connections

  • uhhhm.... I really don't like to rain on the parade but this is Kent in the USA and therefore they would be learning ASL not BSL. It's not the Kent that is Sarf of Lunnon.

    The nice thing about ASL is that most of it is one handed, thus avoiding having to put your beer down. On the other hand it is nothing like BSL.