Trials at Imperial College London for new assistive technology

Dear Community,

We are researchers from Imperial College London who are looking to trial a new assistive device which aims to increase the ease of communication between D/deaf/hearing-impaired community and the speaking community. The device is a combination of glasses with an attached screen, which is able to translate speech-to-text and displays the outcome to the user in a clever way. One can imagine it as an everyday caption system, empowering individual with hearing loss and/or deafness to understand others around them. There are additional features which will be explained at the trials.  

We would love you to try out this assistive device and give us some feedback on things such as comfort, accuracy and likelihood of reuse. With this information we hope to tailor our research to the needs of the community.

The trial-dates are still to be announced, but if you would like to be part of the process, or require further information, please email:

The trials will be held in at Imperial College London and individuals will be reimbursed for travel.

Food and drinks are covered. A BSL translator will also be available throughout the day.


  • Ability to read English

We look forward to hearing from you.

Arsalan Zafar,

Imperial College London