Hearing loss...referral to ENT. What to expect?

Hi everyone, this is my first post and was after some advice.

I've been suffering with hearing loss for a couple of years now, mainly trying to follow conversations either in the office where I work, I've noticed my hearing is bad if I'm out with friends, even walking through the city centre, I can't hear them speak, or say if it's windy and I'm out of town, I'm still struggling.

I can't hear my phone ring if it's in my pocket, and I can't use my phone in crowded places.

It's really started to affect my confidence and it's more noticeable now I've gone back into working in an office.

I went and had a hearing test done privately and was told I had a blockage in my ear and conductive hearing loss and given a letter to go to ENT

The letter has someone's else's name on it and I was a bit dubious, so I went for another test elsewhere, and the audiologist confirmed that I had sensoneurial hearing loss and no blocked ears and gave me a letter for my GP as I'm only 40

I went to see my GP who confirmed again no blockages in my ears and I've finally got my appointment after a 3 month wait, which is on 20th Feb, just before my 41st birthday.

I'm just a bit confused with everything and wanted to know what I should expect. I've been referred to ENT specialist registrar, not sure what this means.

Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect, and do they just test my hearing, or do they do other tests to tell what type of hearing loss I've got

Thanks in advanxe

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