communication with solicitors

good morning,

I am at my 30s with a loss of 40/70/15 db in low med and high frequencies. And I find it really hard to talk on the phone. 
I have been in a car accident last year that left me severely injured and the insurance company redirected me to a nowin / no fee solicitors company. They have managed my case well but I find it extremely difficult to communicate with them. They call me on my mobile phone and try to explain to me legal terms and conditions and they ask me to accept. I explained to them that I cannot hear them via phone but they just ignore this and they never sent me the emails or written texts with the conditions that they promise me on the phone. Do I have any legal rights to request written communication? My case is left at the point where the other party made an offer to settle my case by paying a good amount of money and the solicitors now do not reply to my emails.

thank you very much.