D/deaf accessibility

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Anna and I'm a 3rd year Graphic Design student in London. I am now approaching my Final Major Project and I decided to focus on making our world more accessible/equal for the D/deaf people :) 

I would appreciate if you could answer my questions and - if there's anything else you'd like to add that I didn't cover here, please feel free 

Here we go! Are there any areas in your daily lives that need improvement in terms of accessibility - I mean public spaces like e.g. train stations, airports or anything else you have in mind? Is there any place/area where you wish could be done more?

Also, I have read a few forums and articles and there were quite a few topics about how D/deaf people have problems with employment - e.g. are afraid to tell the employer about their condition, are discriminated, are being bullied, etc. I know that's quite a tricky one, but is there anything that you wish could be done with this, too?

I know it's a bit of a long post but I would really really appreciate your answers! Anything comes to your mind - let me know :) And also if there's nothing that you can think of - tell me, too! 

Thank you so much 

  • Hi Anna,

    Are you still interested in replies?

    I believe for sufficient access for deaf people all companies that we depend on like car insurance, energy etc...should provide some form of text communication access ...whether live chat, email. I would like to know which companies currently provide this through all stages and reasons for having to contact them and that by law they should provide it in the name of Equal Rights for the disabled....and "reasonable adjustment" to accommodate their needs.