Eurovision Song Contest 2018: SuRie makes sign language version of Storm

SuRie, who'll be representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest this month, has recorded a special version of her song all in British Sign Language (BSL).

SuRie had been wanting to learn BSL for a long time and then a fan contacted her with a video of him signing her song, Storm.

She got in touch and asked if he would teach her how to sign the lyrics too and then the video was made.

SuRie will be representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday 12 May.

Watch the clip of the signed song here:

  • She might have done better than she did yesterday with that version.  I was looking for a very short contest as it started with someone trying to set fire to the first act, I thought GREAT, but it was part of the act :(  I switched off after the first act it was all too ridiculous, but I apparently missed someone trying to get her off stage or something, next year Tel Aviv (Iran permitting), someone won it with a hashtag....