IDA Institute Project

IDA Institute Project

We take great pleasure in inviting Action on Hearing Loss to participate in Ida’s latest project— “Understanding My Hearing,” aimed at empowering people with a better understanding of their hearing ability.

What is the “Understanding My Hearing” project?

Audiograms often serve as the model used by hearing care professionals to explain a person’s hearing ability to them. Patients report often struggling to understand the audiogram and difficulty using it as a means to explain the nature and severity of their hearing loss to family and friends. They may also struggle to understand the connection between their hearing loss as described in the audiogram, and the recommendation for care made by their hearing care professional.


We are currently exploring how people prefer to learn about the results of hearing tests and have their hearing ability explained to them by hearing care professionals. The goal of the project is to develop a resource that will improve patients’ understanding of their hearing ability.


The process

Ida uses an open innovation process that begins with input from various stakeholders,  including hearing care professionals, people with hearing loss, organizations that represent them, and, in this case, manufacturers of hearing test equipment. The collective input from these people will guide our process for developing a resource to improve the way people understand their hearing ability.


Input from people with hearing loss

We are currently gathering input to better understand people’s typical experience of learning about their hearing in an appointment with a hearing care professional, and their preferences.  We would like to invite Action on Hearing Loss members to take a simple survey online that should take less than 15 minutes:

The results of this survey will be analyzed by the Ida team and will be used in an upcoming workshop where an interdisciplinary and international team will determine ways to improve peoples’ understanding of their hearing. The survey results will be used strictly for Ida resource development processes. 


Why participate?

By helping us to reach your members and your members sharing their input, Action on Hearing Loss will contribute to a new Ida resource that will improve communication between hearing care professionals and their patients, and the opportunity to receive technical information about hearing capacity in a person-centered way.


Ida resources are used by universities, hearing care professionals, and patients around the world to enhance the quality of care patients receive. 


Collaboration at the Ida Institute is based on the voluntary contributions of our community members, and we are unfortunately unable to offer financial compensation to your organization, nor to those that take the survey.  


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