Gauging interest for an inclusive dark fiction and horror reading/art exhibition in Yorkshire.


I'm an author living in the United States. A most excellent artist (Karen Ruffles of Drawing in Dark, who's work is seen above) and I have been trying to get an inclusive dark fiction/horror reading and art exhibition off the ground for early next year in North Yorkshire (Several locations, but Whitby and Stockton-on-Tees for sure so far) and we're attempting to gauge interest. The shows will have refreshments available, be set in suitably strange locations, and will (I believe) be free admission. The shows will also be designed to make it available for anyone with hearing loss (BSL interpreter for the reading and conversation, paperback books, etc) as well as anyone with vision loss (3-d designs of the artwork, audiobooks, etc), and we're attempting to find out a few things.

For one, is there much interest in an event such as this? Is this something yourself or your friends/family might want to attend?
Another thing we'd love to know is how we can make it better for those of you with hearing loss. Other than what is mentioned above, what else would make it easier or more fun for you?

If this sounds like something you'd like to keep track of, we've set up a website and mailing list to help keep everyone informed as the event takes shape.
The website and mailing list can be found here:

Thank you for your attention. Here's hoping I'll be able to see several of you early next year.

~Sean Walter