Perforated ear

Hi I hit the left side of my head ear started ringing immediately and I have lost some of the hearing it that ear I am assuming I have perforated it. I am st ENT on Tuesday anyway because I have had hearing loss from birth and my right ear has reduced significantly so will tell them about this then. I’m not in any pain with it how long will it take for hearing to come back? Many thanks 

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  • Good morning staceyb1986

    About 90% of eardrums perforated due to injury or trauma will heal on their own within about three months. However, if a dirty item caused the injury, such as a soiled cotton bud, you might need antibiotics after the injury.

    A perforated eardrum may give you earache. The hearing loss is usually only temporary and your hearing should return once the eardrum has healed.

    Its important not to get water or any other liquid in your ear while your eardrum is perforated, as this can cause an infection in the middle ear.

    Thank you