Free info on smart meters!

Hi! My name is Nicky and I work for a charity called National Energy Action (NEA). We are working to make sure everyone understands about the new smart meters which are being fitted into people's homes to replace the old gas and electricity meters. We want to make sure D/deaf people get the information they need so they don't miss out. We have FREE information and training in English and BSL. FUNDING is also available. 

We are currently developing a training course for staff who are BSL users and who support BSL users in the community. We have taken advice from specialist Deaf organisations on how to make this course accessible and our hope is soon to be able to offer this course (delivered via BSL interpreters) to organisations working with the Deaf community.

Briefing sessions
We can also offer shorter ‘bite size’ briefing sessions which cover the same topics as the full training course but in less detail.

Grants of up to £7500 are available for projects which will assist D/deaf people to overcome barriers to getting a smart meter. The deadline is Monday 25th June.

There is a range of BSL video clips available online which explain smart meters in more detail, which you may be interested in looking at. An example is here:

Please email me if you want to know more!