Full ears

Good evening.

I have had severe hearing loss in my left ear since 2012, it just happened in 24 hours. (My right ear is ok but not 100%).

I also suffer with tinnitus in both ears.

My doctor sent me for an MRI scan etc in 2012 but the prognosis was I probably got a virus which knocked out my hearing.

Every 2 to 3 months I seem to get a lot of wax build up and I end up getting a micro suction.

I have just had micro suction again but my ears still feel like they are still full and my ears feel full of pressure most days even though I have just had the micro suction done

To un-block the inside of my ears I hold my nose and blow, my ears open and crackle when I do this but after I have swallowed a couple of times the go back to feeling blocked full again.

They also crackle when I have a big yawn.

I do have an hearing aid that wasn't cheap in fact it was £1'700 and I have different hearing aids but I still can not hear the person that is on the side which I am deaf in.

I work in an office and it is frustrating for me and also the person who is sat next to me on my deaf left hand side.

Surely hearing aids are supposed to work where I can hear the person next to me !!

I just feel that even after all this time there is something more to my condition than just having hearing loss.

Any ideas ?