Use of listeners or Court hearing loop - on Friday

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left  this late, didn't realise there'd be a problem.  I've had a first hearing in Family Court, second hearing will be on Friday.  I couldn't hear much of the first hearing and soon lost track of what was being said and therefore it didn't go well for me.  I only found out the other day when I got a letter from the court outlining what had been decided.

I have profound loss in my left and severe in my right.  I briefly tried the loop setting in court, didn't notice anything but I didn't want to be fiddling around and miss everything so I switched back to normal setting.  

I've bought and used in other meetings Bellman Domino Pro (from the Action on Hearing Loss shop) and intended to take it this time.  I  would like to place one in front of the Magistrate Chairperson and one next to me towards the Respondent.  That would probably work well, and the only downside is that my voice sounds strange to me then so I find it more difficult  to talk fluently !

I emailed the Court office to let them know, and they seem to think it's not likely I'll be allowed to take them in!  They suggest use of the court loop.  They did say I can ask the Usher beforehand.  

I would  love to have any advice about this, what I say to demonstrate to the court I need these to follow and take part in proceedings.  Or about the court loop system, will this work well (amplifying and relaying all voices no matter where they are?) - where to sit for the loop, can I test it beforehand ?!  Anything relevant !

This is worrying me now.  I won't get a fair result  if I can't follow proceedings.  thank you.


  • Good afternoon RobertKeegan3

    If an individual felt that they were being put at a substantial disadvantage compared to non-disabled people due to a lack of a loop system or a non-working loop system, the service would more than likely be deemed as failing to meet its duty under the Equality Act.

    If a public service is not willing to install or maintain a loop or make other reasonable adjustments, you would need to contact a legal team to discuss disability discrimination.

     We would encourage you to contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service who will be able to advise you further on your rights under the act.

    Freephone Telephone 0808 800 0082

    Text phone 0808 800 0084



    I would suggest contacting the court again once you have spoken to the EASS and making sure they understand that without the equipment you would be put at a substantial disadvantage.

    Try to speak with the usher early about the proposal you have and they might be accommodating. You can find more information on The public sector equality duty and Your rights when using services here.

    Kind regards