Loss in one ear and now the other

I have longstanding sensorineural loss in one ear. I've had a feeling things have not been quite right with my better ear for a while so, when I developped tinnitus, I saw my GP who referred me on. 

To cut a long story short, I now have mild hearing in my right ear (high tones, mainly) which seems to be age related even though I am only 47 - I guess I am just susceptible. The ENT said I probably wouldn't have noticed had my left ear been the same as my right. As it stands, I have severe loss in the mid tones of my left ear (so all speech) but only mild in v low and v high thresholds .

I'm due to see audiology again in September for a hearing aid assessment. They think they can correct my right ear but not my left as it's been too long. Confusingly, Boots seem to think they can correct both but I'm not sure if that's because they want to make money or because the NHS wants to save it.

Any shared experiences gratefully received 

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  • I think the NHS are trying to save money.   Specsavers are cheaper than Boots .  I had have sensorineural hearing loss for many years and am now classed as profoundly deaf  . I  have ITE hearing aids from Boots ,  they were expensive but I would be lost with out them .

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