Grommet and hearing loss

Hi All

I had a grommet put into my right ear about 4 months ago. It didnt make any difference to the hearing loss and feeling of fullness that i have. It just feels like it needs a good popping constantly. The last couple of weeks I feel that my hearing has degraded even more. I find it hard to hear people who are right next to me. My left ear is no help as I've always been deaf that side. I have a hearing test booked at specsavers and am looking into the possibility of needing hearing aids. I dont know if that is the answer or they will just try and sell me them anyway. Could the hearing loss be due to something else or the feeling of fullness? Im at my wits end with not being able to hear whats being said. 

  • Hi dragon2656

    I too have suffered with the feeling of fullness in the ear. I have Meniere's disease and I had grommets fitted. Then later I was fitted with 't' tubes, which last longer (my last one was in place for 10 years!)

    The fullness sensation was due to Meniere's. I would definitely ask your GP to refer you to your local ENT department. They can make a diagnosis and refer you to Audiology for hearing tests and possibly hearing aids.

    I wear hearing aids and it really does make a difference. Meniere's has left me with tinnitus that is as loud as a factory floor. Digital hearing aids are marvellous and I hope that your local hospital can help with this.

  • Good morning dragon2656

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulties with your hearing. Unfortunately, I am not aware of the nature of hearing loss and with regards to the sensation of fullness I would encourage you to speak to your ENT consultant so that they can review the effectiveness of the grommet and also ensure there are no other treatments they could offer you. If your hearing loss persists, you can also request to see an audiologist in the NHS. Your ENT consultant (if in the NHS) can refer you or you could request your GP to do this for you.

    I hope you find this useful and do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.