Absolutely nobody in this entire argument about burkhas has mentioned the fact that they make life impossible for deaf lipreaders.

There must be millions of lipreaders in this country and yet none of them has said a word about the fact that we cannot understand people who cover their face. It's a complete and utter disregard for the needs of deaf people but as usual nobody cares. We're the lowest on the totem pole, whether Muslim or any other religion and yet we get treated with total disrespect. Nobody gives a damn whether deaf people agree with burkhas or not.

I wonder what life is like for Deaf Muslims?

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  • I agree. I rely to some extent on lipreading. I am also against the wearing of burkas. They are even banned in some Muslim countries. I have a lot of Asian friends so I am not taking a racial view on this. Boris Johnston does not want them banned it was just a remark. I read that Kenneth Clark sometime ago said they looked like sacks! No one ever said anything against comedians referring to nuns looking like penguins!

    Jack Straw though some time ago said when he held his surgeries he would ask them to uncover their faces so he could lipread.

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