Audiology in Lymington

Hello, I hope someone here can help with advice. I'm moving to Lymington, Hampshire. I understand that the audiology services are outsourced to Specsavers and Scrivens. Has anyone here had experience of using this service and can advise me if it's worked well?

Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi there. I live in that area and used Specsavers in Lymo about 14 months ago. I was referred by my local GP. I didn't know what to expect, so maybe I'm not the best person to comment. But I found my audiologist to be very accommodating, albeit that she was rushed off her feet. I have mild hearing loss in one ear and borderline mild/moderate loss in the other and was fitted with NHS aids right away. They got me back in six weeks later for a check-up and to turn up the volume of my HAs. I asked to be fitted with a skeleton mould instead of the silicone bud type because of work reasons and they were happy to comply. I'm due back in about a year or so. I suspect (with no evidence) that they are probably not as thorough as an NHS hospital audiologist, but for a newbie like myself... Eventually, I'd love to try MartinSmith5's route of doing it yourself but I'd need to be shown what to do. Good luck

  • Hi,

    I live near Hythe. My experience of Scrivens leaves something to be desired. It's the devil's own job to get certain "features" adjusted. My latest audi (audiologist) is from the "we only focus on speech" fraternity.

    Recently I was invited by Scrivens to attend an "Aftercare" appointment. The audi asked if I was happy with the HA's to which I replied "Yes, if a bit on the quiet side and the volume controls don't alway work.". The audi proceeded to administer a hearing test followed by adjustment of the HA's. Within an hour of returning home, the stable hearing experience I'd previously enjoyed was gone, the left aid would reduce in volume and recover arbitrarily, the right aid was quiet, treble sounds were faint, three programs I'd previously had were reduced to two and all without a word of explanation. I now have to go through repeat visits to persuade the audi to make adjustments. It's like going through the six month process of visits I had when the HA's were supplied to me two years ago by Scrivens. I'd much prefer to be with a hospital audi, as previous experience was that they were more accommodating to the users requests and sought to give the best hearing experience. I'm not even sure that the first audi I visited at Scrivens was experienced. I downloaded & installed the fitting software to allow me to be better informed as to what adjustments and features could be altered. I felt I was telling him what to do. Bottom line, try to be seen by an NHS Hospital audi.