New Diagnosis, need hearing aids and wanting advice please

Hello, I'm 26 years old and i have noticed throughout my life that my hearing isn't great compared to other peoples but I've always got by. However this past year or so it's noticeably worse, people make jokes asking if I'm deaf or have selective hearing and i have always laughed it off, however after messing up my wedding vows and not being able to hear my puppy crying or barking i decided I should do something. I have been to ENT and I have moderate hearing loss in both ears, i was told that my results were 'interesting' ... that always fills you with reassurance doesn't it ! Apparently it's odd to see the pattern I have. The audiologist recommended hearing aids in both ears and I'm waiting for an appointment for moulding. I was informed that he thinks it is either through an infection whilst my Mum was pregnant which went un detected and un treated or a genetic condition which may have skipped some generations. I've had a few blood tests etc that i'm waiting to come back. 

Has anyone else had a diagnosis due to similar circumstances ? If you have has this deteriorated further or is it likely you could pass this onto children ? 

Although i felt something wasn't right, I also wasn't anticipating this and i feel a little shell shocked, however I am assuming you have all felt the same. I was wondering if there is anything i need to do or inform because of this ? The audiologist said he would be writing to my GP and he wants to see me in 6 months to see how i am getting on with the hearing aids  and keep repeating my tests as he is unsure if my hearing loss will progress further or not at this stage so only further testing will confirm. 

Do the DVLA need to be informed ? Should I contact my car insurance provider ? Do i need to tell my employer etc ? I am a nurse and I work in a community nursing team (Mental Health). 

Thank you so taking your time to read this ! 

  • Hello,

    I first started suspecting my hearing problems at the age of 21 but couldn't get anyone in the medical field to believe me. Now I'm 30 and the problems have only gotten worse. I'm still waiting on testing.

    Just know that you are not alone and that hearing loss can and does affect young and old alike. 

  • A positive way of looking at it would be to imagine you (or a friend?) having glasses.  A "moderate hearing loss" really isn't as massive an issue as it was a few decades ago.

    There is no requirement to notify the DVLA, or your car insurance provider.    As a courtesy, you should advise your employer - you may even find that they ask you what "reasonable adjustments" you can think of, in order to do your work as effectively as you do/did previously.

    You've actually done better than the majority of those with mild/moderate in their mid-20's, who generally bury their heads in the sand - hoping it will miraculously just disappear.  It won't.  But with hearing aids, after a period of rehabilitating to your new sounds, you stand to gain so much !


  • No idea about any of your questions - however I am 26 and more or less just gone through the exact same thing. I have told my employer - I work in a school - and they were fine about it, and to be honest knew far more than I did about what they could do to help me - the school I work in is the specialist unit for deaf children across the county, by complete coincidence. 

    If you want to chat/find out more let me know. I haven't had hearing aids fitted but they have been recommended and currently waiting for that appointment to come through - how long did yours take?