26, just diagnosed feeling lost...


I don't really know what to write... I'm 26 and have been diagnosed with moderate hearing loss and hearing aids have been suggested. I hated the appointment, felt really humiliated (the audiologists words were you must be able to hear that you are 26...) missed my name being called out so felt embarrassed then too. I also didn't really take in much of what was said as by the time I actually got to the doctor wanted to run out of there as quickly as possible.

Being 26 in a waiting room full of people 60+ didn't really help me either.  

Have no idea of the next steps, don't know who to ask and the intermediate waiting time is killing me. Any suggestions as to what I should ensure I know when I go back - yay lovely experience to look forward to - for the hearing aids? Or does anyone have any experience of this happening at a similar age and wants to chat?


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  • Hi Randomer123,

    Very sorry to hear about your hearing loss. I lost mine when I was around your age, and suffered sensorineural hearing loss. Complete deafness in left ear and partial loss in my right due to sudden onset of infection. I’m now 43, just turned, and for the most part have coped very well with the use of 1 hearing aid in my right ear. It does take getting used to and I remember I actually avoided using mine consistently for maybe 10yrs. It got to the stage where it couldn’t be avoided any longer. 

    I’m not sure whether it’s an age thing, but I did get passed the issue as I got older (and a little less vain maybe) but the more young people I spotted with hearing aids and personalised too, I really began to accept that this was who I have become. While it’s a part of my existence, it certainly isn’t all me. So I think I’m time you will embrace this ‘new you’. It will never be plain sailing, but it certainly sounds as though you have a lot more to work with than I.

    Ive most recently had another infection and it’s in the middle ear and doesn’t seem to be sensorineural which means what’s left may or may not come back fully. So plunged into a majority silence again and reading your thread has brought back memories. Don’t lose hope! Happy to chat further

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