Hearing aid

Good evening all.

I have had hearing loss in my left by approx 80%, also my right ear is not as good as what it was either this all happened in August 2012.

When I went and had lots of test done for brain tumer etc the conclusion was I must have got a virus that just nocked out all my tiny hairs in my left ear :-(

I also have tinnitus in both ears.

My first hearing aid was a back of the ear Siemens Pure which wasn't that great, then I up graded to a back of the ear resound 2 which wasn't cheap.

I work in an office and there are 4 of us in a fairly quiet office which does help.

My office manager who sits on the left hand side of me is quite a low speaking chap and even when he does raise his voice higher I can't hear him unless there in no noise in the office.

(I could change places, but I just want to be able to hear on that side seeing as I have spent so much money on an aid that I supposed to help)

When out and about I still can't hear that well from the person on the left hand side of me even with my hearing aid in 

Does anybody think an in the ear hearing aid might be better.

Also I suffer with ear wax so much it's amazing, I can have my ears micro suctioned and within 3 weeks or so there is a build up again, as advised I do use olive oil to try and stop the build up once a week but this makes it worse as it just blocks it more.

Also the pressure in both my ears seem quite bad most days.

I can't breath properly through my nose especially my left nostril, I was supposed to have an operation on my nose when I was in my late teens to have my nose broken and re-set my nose and the passage way to widened on the left side but I was a scaredy cat and I didn't go through with it.

My doctor who was going to do the operation at the time said if don't have the operation done I will suffer in later life (I am 57 now) 

I don't know if not having the operation done has contributed to my hearing loss in some way ?

My nose always feels blocked 

Anyway that's most of my life story :-)

Thank you for listening and does anybody have any suggestions