New here, first time hearing aids

I have been diagnosed with hearing loss, after 2 years of hearing problems, before that my hearing was allways briliant. The doctor in hospital told me I should be fitted with hearing aids, because I have sensorineural hearing loss in progress and it will be worse during the time… I cant hear clock ticking, whisper, quiet conversation, i cant understand people in crowd, cricket, i sometimes misunderstood what people say… Tomorow i have apointment with audio and have to pick up hearing aids for testing. But i have no clue what to expect, which aids to choose, i am totaly new in this… I am 45 years old, do you people have any advice for me? My audiogram is from 25db in lower frequency to 60db in higher frequency in both ears... 
Thank you and i am sorry for my bad english…

  • Good morning Vlgrb123,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I am sure there will be a few of our users along shortly to share their experiences with getting hearing aids.

    Your hearing aids will be chosen according to your level of hearing loss. The audiology staff will programme them with the computer to suit your needs. They will show you how to put them in, how to use the controls and how to change the batteries. They should also discuss general care and maintenance of the hearing aids and give you relevant information to take away with you.

    The audiology staff will also explain what your hearing aids can and can’t do. They might suggest ways for you to get used to them, such as gradually increasing the length of time you wear them. They may also suggest that you familiarise yourself with wearing the hearing aids by listening to different sounds around the house before trying them outside, as this will help you to adjust to the sound of the hearing aids.

    You can find out more by reading our leaflets Getting Hearing Aids and Adjusting to your Hearing Aids.

    I hope this has helped

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