DWP Gaging clause for charities

Ester Macvey and DWP have included gaging clauses in their new contracts with charities effectively stopping them saying anything adverse about their services, not least the deaths reported due to bad treatment of claimants. Would AOHL care to comment if you have signed the gaging clause?


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  • Hello All,

    Action on Hearing Loss is a successful campaigning charity and we’ve never had any difficulty in terms of anyone stipulating what we can and cannot say or do in terms of our policy positions and activities. As the largest charity in the UK working for those with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss, we are committed to representing our beneficiaries and supporters in the most effective way possible to stakeholders across society – including all government departments.  We consider it a vital part of our role to hold those in power to account on behalf of the 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss. For example, when a cap was introduced by the DWP on Access to Work funding – something that would disproportionately affect British Sign Language users - Action on Hearing Loss not only vocally opposed this measure, but worked effectively with other stakeholders and the DWP to have the cap significantly raised.

    Ashleigh on Behalf of the Info Line