Lip reading / phonology /phontics consultant sought for 5-10 day project

Yoti (see digital identity platform) are conducting research into the power of lip-reading and how we can use this to build on our current liveness testing; ensuring our onboarding remains as secure as possible.

We're looking for a Masters student or academic in applied linguistics, phonology, phonetics or similar to spend 5-10 days helping us select 500 English language words which create easily distinguishable lip movement and provide us with a short document explaining the rationale behind their selections.

For more information and to apply please see the link below or paste it into your browser


  1. Select 500 words for Yoti’s liveness test ( which is part of customer onboarding to the Yoti digital identity app) using the criteria below.
  2. Provide a short document to explain the rationale behind their choice of words. This should include which consonants, vowels, sounds are to be avoided given difficulty of pronunciation by non natives.

Select 500 english language 2 syllable words where the lips are most likely to move distinctly

  • 2 syllable Words with vowels/consonant combinations that will be more easily distinguished by lip readers
  • 2 syllable words with common pronunciation across different accents
  • 2 syllable words understandable by people for whom English is not their first language e.g. words in the first 1000 words of language acquisition
  • Some of the words should ideally have positive connotations in terms of security, trust, reliability and none should have negative, be offensive in any way.

The 500 words will be delivered on a shared google document. The rationale for choice of words likewise.

The London based work could be done at Yoti London offices 130 Fenchurch St or with regular phone contact, remotely.


Potential skill sets

  • Voice, speech coach
  • Applied Linguistics / Phonetics / Phonology Masters student

Number of hours?

5-10 days for someone to create 400-500 words




Up to £150 per day