Ear infection


my name is Ayesha, i was only 20 i think when the doctors told me that my nervous of my ears is damaged due to exposed to loud noise and i was prone to ear infection alot when i was young. I took that quite bad was upset and that but wearing hearing aid in my right ear wasnt so bad as i could hear people still very well but now have had a ear infection that has lasted more then 2 months not clearing it up am so scared i might lose my hearing all at once but my  audiotlist dont think it will happen. They gave me this spray otomize to put it in my ear before i can see the ent team to examine what is the issue. Some think i might have a hole in my left ear as when i bend down it feels like something is opening in my ear.. and both ears sometimes pop on and off. And i get burning sensation in my right ear told all this to my doctor they said they dont know why its happening? Surely there suppose to know? Any advice you guys might have for me