Please tell me what is missing?

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In my current role I am responsible for ensuring that public places are adhering to the 2010 Equality Act by ensuring that reasonable adjustments are made for individuals whom have a hearing impairment. Please be assured that this is something I feel extremely passionate about. I would really like to understand from people such as yourselves living with a hearing impairment what is missing? Which venues etc are you visiting and finding that appropriate equipment is not provided? Are you able to go to the cinema and watch a film? Is your local Pharmacy providing the relevant equipment?

I would like to thank you in advance for your support on this and please be assured that I really want to make a difference.

  • What is really missing is not so much the facilities themselves but the means of checking up on them and getting the faulty ones working again. There are quite a number of loops around these days but in many cases they are not working. The operators have no way of telling whether the loop is actually transmitting because you need someone with a hearing aid to listen to it. Loop systems do not come supplied with testing equipment to save money.

    What usually happens is some deaf person comes along and finds that the loop (which has probably been running for years) is not working or the sound is unintelligible. They report this to the person in charge and a typical response is "Well the red light is on..."

    It's not that we lack equipment, most public places have loops and other systems in place but there's no way of testing them and no way of ensuring that they are working at all times.

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