MRI of ear


I am interested to learn if anybody has had an MRI of their right ear following a cervical disc fusion at c5-c7.  The reason I ask is because my doctor changed the original imaging referral from an MRI to a CT scan. She did not discuss the change with me so I have assumed it was because of the titanium plate and screws present in my neck. I am concerned because, I assume, an MRI is a better imaging tool for the ear. Also, the titanium fusion plate is 6” from my ear and should not be close enough to create artifacts. This, of course, is another assumption. So, has anyone had an MRI of the ear following the placement of a titanium plate with screws at the c-5-c7 level? And, if so, was the imaging distorted or unusable?

Than you, Mary Kottre

  • Hello

    sorry can’t answer your question re titanium plates affecting mri images.

    however I had mri then saw ent re results she said it showed something but I need an ultra sound image of my ear as it is much clearer in detail. So I guess if your mri didn’t come out very well ask for ultrasound