I lost my hearing suddenly in my left ear and a bit of hearing loss in my right ear in 2012. 

I also got tinnitus at the same time.

I had an MRI scan which did not show anything really.

The specialist who did the scan said it was a age related and a gradual loss, but that was rubbish as I just lost my hearing over night.

Anther doctor blamed it on a virus

I went to Amplifon and told them what they said and they said it must have been a virus that knocked my hearing out I.e the tiny hairs in my ear. (Don't know if they were just agreeing as did not really know the answer either)

I bought a Siemens pure hearing aid for £1'500 from Amplifon, that did not really help as I still could not hear people on my left hand side

I then bought a dearer hearing aid off another supplier which was £1'600 and yet again i could not hear the person on the left hand side of me in our office

I have not used it for a few weeks now as I feel it does not make much difference.

last week I went to see my doctor to discuss all this.

I told him my ears always feel that I have a lot of pressure in both of them, and my tinnitus has felt a bit louder over the past few days.

I told him even when I hold my nose and blow out to open my Eustachian tubes it works in my right ear until I swallow again then my right ear goes muffled again.

When I do hold my nose and blow to open my Eustachian tubes I get a lot of crackling in both ears, then I swallow and it goes muffled again.

Even when I am just swallowing I get a lot of crackling in my ears. 

I also told him that when I was a teenager I was supposed to have an operation on my nose because the consultant at ENT said my left nostril hardly had any passageway and I would suffer in later life. they were going to break my nose and reset it  (I did not have the operation because I was scared) 

My doctor did not really listen last week and looked in my ears and said there is no build up of wax but I had a tiny hole in my left ear drum.

He just gave me a nasal steroid spray to use for my Eustachian tubes (told me how to use it properly I.e head down etc)

When I am trying to use the steroid spray I can not feel a gap at the back my left hand nostril to actually fit the spray in to spray like I can in my right nostril.

i struggle breathing through my nose as well, it just feels blocked all the time and stuffy.

I am wondering that if I would of had my operation on my nose none of this would have happened.

what are your thoughts anyone

Thank you all

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  • Hi SimonFinch1,

    Thank you for your post.

    It sounds as though the doctors you have seen have given you different opinions as to what may be the cause of your hearing. From what you have been telling us, it seems that you have a permanent hearing loss and more recently a possible congestion issue in addition to this, for which the ENT doctor has prescribed a nasal spray. We aren’t able to comment on whether if an operation on your nose would have made any difference- it would be best to speak to your ENT specialist about this.

    Concerning your hearing aids, it would be best to speak to your audiologist about what you’ve been experiencing. It could be that one ear is better than the other, which may account for why you have not been able to hear well from one side. Ask them to explain your levels of hearing and what you should realistically expect from the hearing aids. You may not be aware, but good quality digital hearing aids are free on the NHS. If you are interested in trying free digital hearing aids from the NHS, you will need to get a referral to audiology from your GP.

     Kind regards

    Vicky on behalf of the Information Line

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