Signing and singing = good/bad idea?

Hi, all, I'm Heather and I'm hearing.

I've been learning BSL since May 2018 (currently doing my Level 2) and I've got an idea to apply to be on Britain's GFot Talent, but not sure if it's stupid or not.

I've been taught that when signing in BSL, to mouth (some of) the words at the same time to make it easier to lip read, and not to speak outloud. However, I've got the idea to apply to be on Britain's Got Talent to sign (in SSE) and sing at the same time. Is that a silly idea? I'd love to be on BGT to talk about BSL, to encourage people to learn it, to raise their awareness of deaf issues BUT I wouldn't want me singing and signing at the same time to mean it's not accessible for Deaf people. 

Thoughts, please?