News in the Loop- On-screen sign language pilot launched by Conwy council

On-screen sign language pilot launched by Conwy council

Deaf people will be able to access services using British Sign Language due to a new scheme from Conwy council.

From Monday, Interpreters Live will allow people to speak to council staff through an on-screen BSL interpreter.

Visitors to offices at Colwyn Bay, Conwy and Mochdre can speak to the interpreter on demand, who then relays what they are saying.

Frank Bradfield, the council's disability champion, said it was "a more modern way of conversing".

The new service will run alongside existing ones such as text phone, fortnightly face-to-face interpretation sessions and the council's website.

Sean Nicholson, CEO of Sign Solutions, which provides the service, said the project can give deaf people "real equality".

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  • Sign Solutions were taken to issue for failing to provide captioning and forced to provide Welsh and English narrative too, however STILL resisted providing captions for the deaf who don't follow sign.  Part of their justification was 'by clients request.' but refused to name the client.  As it appears Conway council is the client and NOT a deaf area, then such a non-captioned approach was instigated by sign solutions itself, which as I pointed out is distorting awareness on access for deaf people.  SS only complied when they realised welsh inclusion was missing, they ignored captions and still do. Providing a narrative is NOT providing captions and it seems these BSL driven areas are determined to block captioning this way. While they technically comply with the law by providing a narrative it is being used to block captions too.  It's time systems and councils realised they are contributing to blocking access for deaf areas.  SS also stated it was not possible to provide dual captions in Welsh, but I directed them to the Welsh assembly who had already done that.  SS also said they would include when the video goes online, but, SS had already posted it online, that is where I took it to task.  It should be pointed out BSL areas had done this 6 times in Carmarthenshire too, and NOT providing any narrative to follow!  I will be contacting welsh authorities who are airing  BSL only public information video help and telling them this is a discriminatory and approach.  And incidentally, one BSL terps in wales are aiding and abetting!  PI output MUST be captioned, there are no stats to prove deaf don't need captioning, every, major provision has a duty to provide that.  And especially given the BSL user is stated as being unable to follow lengthy narrative but is able to follow captioning.