Experiences of mild hearing loss in some frequencies, worth the hassle?

As the title says I had an audiogram a few years ago that showed mild 2k+4k loss in my left ear and borderline mild 2k+4k loss in my rightear. I was told that my hearing was bad for someone my age (think I was late 20s at the time)but not bad enough to do anything about. I've had mild tinnitus for a least 10-15 years now as well. I don't get on too badly but can struggle to hear at times (especially when I'm working with people in theatre masks) but not so badly in other aspects of work with new phones with volume control (although having it on max probably isn't great for me!) i've also noticed since having a baby that I can't hear some of the alphablocks on cbeebies! I'm just sitting on the fence about getting checked again, will hearing aids really make a difference with hearing loss only in two frequencies? Will they help me hear mumbly doctors in masks any better? I don't really want to have to go through potentially weeks of hassle and appointments and finding childcare (because I don't think an almost 2 year old will be very good at keeping quiet during hearing tests!!!) just to discover that aids actually don't make enough difference. Sorry that's really long! Thanks for reading

  • Hi K8_M

    Thank you for your post.

    If you feel that you are struggling and that your hearing has deteriorated further, we would encourage you to make an appointment for another check. It may be that the Audiologist now suggests that hearing aids would be beneficial for you. It is difficult for us to confirm whether you would find them helpful or not, as everyone's hearing loss is different and it does also take time to get used to hearing aids and for your ears and brain to adjust to them. There is also a lot of different equipment that can be used in the workplace, both with and without hearing aids to help you with the situations that you struggle with. 

    Please feel free to let us know how you are getting on.

    Kind regards

    Vicky on behalf of the Information Line