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I have been battling my local authority over issuing me a DIsabled Freedom Pass. They do recognise that I am eligible based on my hearing loss so that is not the issue. They are refusing to consider perfectly legal documents saying I am a resident in the area. I have been asking for advice both on this forum and elsewhere but feel that other than rehearsed responses, no one is willing to hear me out or help. All I get is, sorry. we don't help with this, seek legal advice. I have asked the Equality Advisory Support Service, the Disability Law Centre and all I achieve is going in circles.

Could someone point me towards an organisation where I can get legal advice please?

Thank you.

  • I think you are asking the wrong people. You should be talking to your local councillor. This is because councillors oversee the work of the council officials and if they get carried away they can intervene.
    I have had a bit of help from my own councillor over bus passes. They tried to force me to take a Senior Citizen's bus pass when I actually applied for a Disabled one. I spoke to my councillor and it was done.

    The most important thing is to check out exactly what the rules are for issuing these Freedom Passes. What proof of residence do they find acceptable?

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