Hearing the Yoga teacher

For the 2019 new year resolution, I would like to take up yoga.  I tried a taster class last month and quite enjoyed it.  I would enjoy it even more if I could hear the yoga teacher.  With all the different yoga positions, sometimes my head would be facing the ground or ceiling and I can't look to see or lip read the teacher.  Similarly, eyes are be closed during the meditation session.  Perhaps, yoga are not for deaf people.  Have you any thoughts on how I can overcome this challenge?


  • Hi Bonnycute

    Thank you for your post.

    There are products such as Conversation amplifiers that are portable products that help you to hear more clearly whether or not you have hearing aids. They enhance the volume and clarity of conversations and other sounds. They also reduce background noise.

    Our equipment team can give you some more information on equipment that may help should you need it.

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