Getting Makaton Added to the National Curriculum

I have exchange a number of emails with the Education Secretary Damian Hinds, to ask for Makaton to be added to the National Curriculum. (I chose Makaton because there would only be a small amount of time allocated in schools for this and Makaton is easier and quicker to learn).But each reply has bombarded me with figures showing how much money is already spent in special schools for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND pupils.

In the hope of making progress with this, I have started an on-line petition at In just over a week 497 people have signed the petition with many messages of support and one common theme - How much it would improve the lives of their child, if others could communicate with them. I find that very sad.

If you will support my petition, I would be very grateful. Sharing the link with your friends and contacts would be even better. 

Click Here to be directed to the petition. Thank you for reading, together we can bring about change.