Help! Advice needed

I have never had a problem with my ears before. 

Suddenly mid December I went down with sickness and was in bed all over Christmas really poorly. I then overnight developed really a  painful right ear and the GP gave me antibiotics saying I had a middls ear infection. As I was so sick I didn’t keep the antibiotics down and things got worse. By New Year I was in hospital for 6 days on IV antibiotics and fluids. I had Strep A in my ear, reputured drum and high temp sickness etc 

They did a CT scan as thought that it was in my mastoid bone but CT didn’t show that at the time. The consultant said that didn’t mean I was clear but it couldn’t be seen yet?? 

I was discharged last Saturday but I'm still in pain. GP can see scarring and thinks I still have a hole - it’s now 17days since my drum burst. 

I am deaf that side, it rings constantly and the pain in still quite bad. GP has requested I go back to hospital within two weeks. Any ideas what’s going on???