Single sided total hearing loss - benefits?

I have had SSHL since I was 5, so for 35 years. I guess I have never known any difference and have just had to become used to being that person always explaining to people that they are on my ‘wrong side’. As I have a total nerve deafness that side I can’t wear a hearing aid or anything. My father in law has hearing loss on one side and can wear hearing aid to bring his hearing up to a decent level, and he gets reduced train fares as he has a hearing aid. I have arguably a worse situation as I have a problem that cannot be helped. Does anyone have experience of getting the reduced train fares, or any other benefit for that matter, when they have total deafness on one side? 

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    Thank you for your post. 

    According to Disabled Persons Railcard it is still possible for you to be eligible. You will need to firstly register yourself as disabled with your local council- hearing loss and deafness do not have their own register and registering is voluntary but once you register Social Service can give you a stamp on the form that you can download off the railcards website for you to receive the card. 

    Please click here to find the link for the form and what their require. 

    You may also be entitled to PIP. 

    If you are aged between16-64 then you may be entitled to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is the new name for the Disability Living Allowance. PIP is a benefit for people who need help with the extra costs caused by long-term ill health or disability, which includes a hearing loss. We would not be able to confirm whether you would receive the benefit or not as the claims are dealt with via the Department of Work and Pensions and not ourselves.

    You may wish to read our factsheet on Personal Independence Payment for more information on how to claim and how to fill in the form etc. and also some useful contacts should you need further support.

    I hope this helps. 

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